Chantal Deanne Johnston

Childcare Provider
Certified Sleep Consultant

I offer consultations in: English

My name is Chantal Johnston. I am a 32 year old female who has enjoyed the last 10 years traveling and finding job opportunities I love in different places around the world. The jobs I do all start from being a nanny and growing with the families into house managers, and even some personal assistant work.

I have been a nanny for the past 15 years, watching kids all over the world. I always found paedology (the study of children's behavior and development) fascinating, and how every child is so different.

When living in New Zealand as an Au Pair, the family hired a sleep consultant to help with their one year-olds sleep. I was surprised at how much his behavior changed once he learned how to self soothe back to sleep. Since then, I have worked a long side a mother who was sleep training her children, and these children were the most happy, easy-going children, and you can physically see the difference in her children versus the other children I work for who very much lack sleep. I decided I see families struggle for many reasons, whether it be their children are overstimulated and parents just think the child is not tired or the parents are waking up every hour through the night losing sleep trying to soothe their child back to bed. I want to be able to help these parents get their sleep back, and I want to help the children get the adequate sleep they need so they can have healthy lives and thrive.

  • I offer online consultations for families outside of region