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Learning by Doing

In our institute, we value research as an excellent form of learning by doing. Our best students have the opportunity to enrich their education through engaging in our research programs. Teachers and students at the International Institute of Infant Sleep are working together to find the answers to some of society’s most challenging questions related to behavioural childhood sleep problems.

Why join research team?

We invite our best students who are passionate about research to join our team and participate in research projects. Involvement in research contributes to a larger understanding of child sleep issues. Your work could impact not only your clients but countless others who benefit from your shared knowledge.

Here is why our best students participate in research projects:

Broadening Knowledge

When our students participate in research, they gain a deeper understanding of children's sleep patterns, the effects on health and development, and the various approaches to address sleep problems. This knowledge is fundamental in providing the best advice to parents and caregivers.

Keeping Pace with Developments

The child sleep consultancy field is constantly evolving. By participating in research, our students stay up-to-date with the latest theories and techniques. This enables them to provide the most current and effective advice.

Enhancing Reputation

Research participation not only strengthens a student's CV but also boosts their credibility. Parents are more likely to trust a consultant who is actively working to understand and resolve complex sleep issues.

Improving Problem-Solving Skills

Research inherently requires problem-solving and critical thinking. These skills can be invaluable when dealing with complex cases, as they aid in assessing situations and creating suitable solutions.

Contributing to the Field

By participating in research, our students are helping to expand our collective understanding of child sleep problems. This can help not just their future clients, but many other children and families as well.

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