The Positive Impact of Working Moms on Their Children. Insights from a Harvard Study

Emma MillerChild Sleep Consultant

As a working mom, you have likely heard people say you are missing out on your child’s most precious moments. Society often assumes that children are better off when one parent, usually the mother, stays at home. But guess what? Science is on our side!

Research supports the idea that working moms provide long-lasting benefits for their children that carry well into adulthood. A 2015 study from Harvard Business School highlights how working moms are instrumental in shaping their children’s future careers and promoting gender equality.

The Superpower of a Working Mom’s Influence

The Harvard study unveiled that adult children raised by mothers who worked outside the home experienced remarkable career boosts. Daughters of working moms were more likely to have jobs, hold leadership positions, and earn at least 23% more than those with stay-at-home moms. It appears that having a working mom serves as a powerful role model, inspiring children’s aspirations and paving the way for their careers.

Shattering Gender Stereotypes

For sons raised by working moms, the study found they were more inclined to take on family care and household chores. This suggests that working moms help promote a more equal distribution of responsibilities between partners, thus fostering gender equality. Kathleen L. McGinn, a Harvard business professor who co-led the study, emphasizes the strong impact of being raised by a working mother on promoting gender equality.

Dispelling Myths About Working Mothers

The Harvard study isn’t alone in challenging the misconceptions surrounding working moms. Research published in the journal Child Development discovered that working moms didn’t have a negative impact on their children’s development, including reasoning skills and vocabulary. Additionally, a 2010 meta-analysis by the American Psychological Association revealed that children raised by working moms experienced no significant behavioral, social, or learning issues, and were well on track for academic success.

As McGinn suggests, working moms not only contribute to their families economically and benefit themselves professionally and emotionally, but they also set their children up for success in many aspects of life. It’s time we rewrite the narrative and celebrate working moms for the valuable life lessons and advantages they provide to their children.

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